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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Get GROSSED out!!!!

In my ongoing campaign for Emancipation From Stuff, I've created a new and inspiring slogan: Get GROSSED out!!! It stands for:


On Tuesday I brought some old magazines to the local library. I may have slacked off yesterday, but maybe today I'll send Lars a bundle of Norwegian-language books I culled from my library, since I see from an issue of the Georg Sverdrup Society Journal that he knows how to read/translate Norwegian (and I don't, though I can do a convincing/amusing Norsky accent a la "Fargo", but that's not exactly the same thing ... ). Maybe tomorrow I'll finally get rid of some other thing that I don't really need. If nothing else, there's always the trash.

Send us your inspiring personal story of how you got GROSSED out!


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