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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just what you need ...

I've just been tagged by Dave, so I'll work on it soon. Meanwhile, I've just discovered another fun blog game, while visiting, for the first time, Brandywine Books, done partly by Lars Walker, a sci-fi author who also happens to be a member of the same small, obscure church body as moi.

Here's the deal: you Google "(name) needs" and post the first ten results. For example, "Phil needs" or "Someone needs", etc. I did "Georg needs", inspired by a passing reference Lars had made about Georg Sverdrup, a significant figure in my church body's background. The results were pretty wild:

Plume's Guestbook of Horror
... selling. Spam is junk mail, a hassle for the recipients. That's the main
point Georg needs to get. Georg is excessively thick. Hehe ...

Letter from the provinces
Georg needs the people of God to give him community and tell him the stories that
will draw him into the Kingdom. And the people of God need Georg to help ... (btw, I wholeheartedly agree)

 Kieran Foster is currently working down on Level 1 to sort this room out, but
Georg needs him to working in the Heavy Lab. ... ooh, shiny
... stuff but i think you'd dig it anyway. actually, i think you'd both really
dig it, but i can understand if georg needs to avoid childhood traumas :) ...

All About Spike - The Heart's Filthy Lesson by MustangSally and ...
... The circle of power Georg needs to raise the Wirtschaftsministerium is created through
the sacrifice of twenty vampires." "You're just showin' off because you ...

Minutes of July 20-21, 2004 Meeting
Signatures were obtained from EPA, DCDOH and USACE Baltimore, however C.
Georg needs to continue to work with USACE Huntsville on the language of the ...

Giorgio armani cosmetic
... armani exchange. giorgio armani fragrance. armani jewelry. goirgio amani frgrance
products. armani and georg needs arani and geor. armani exchange store. ...

Georgio armani
... The giorgio armani fragrance. The giorgio armani fragrane related to armani and
georg needs arnani and goerg, armani emporium. I need srmani emporiu. ...

Commitment Jean Lorrah Risa lay at the top of the hill above Keon ...
Georg needs a Companion, and this seems a likely way to get him one. I can do
it, if anyone can." "All right. See what you can do, with my blessing. ...

Who's going to Rockcrusher?
... (Currently 0 replies) Posted At 10:32:26 07/22/2003 E'nick will be traveling
that way. Let me know if Georg needs any help. Travis. ...


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