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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The seriousness of Christ's blood ... and the ludicrous ineptitude of me ...

A couple of months ago the editor of our denominational magazine honored me with a request to write an article on the subject of how important it is not to soft-pedal the sufferings and the blood of Jesus Christ. So, about a month ago I finally completed the article (at the last possible minute, as usual) and sent it off, feeling like it wasn't quite as good as I hoped it would be.

Yesterday the new issue came out, with my article in it. I read it, and overall was quite pleased, actually. By God's grace it came out better than I thought it had. But then, for the first time, I began to wonder about one certain sentence. I began the article by pointing out the difference between our nicely polished church altars and decorative crosses, and the original crosses and altars of the Bible, which were used for blood sacrifices and brutal executions. Here are the first two sentences of my second paragraph:

But the first altars and the first crosses did not look, or smell, like our altars and crosses. They were soaked with blood, not polished with Lemon Fresh Joy.

I had been especially pleased with the punch of my "Lemon Fresh Joy" reference, but all of a sudden it occurred to me, "Did I get that right? Is Lemon Fresh Joy a furniture polish?" A little bit of research, and my fears were confirmed. Lemon Fresh Joy is dishwashing detergent! A little more reflection, and I realized that Lemon Pledge, I think, is the product reference I was really looking for.

So now I feel a bit sheepish. I suppose there's no harm done, but I imagine my garbled product reference will cause a few bemused head scratchings. It isn't that I'm a guy totally out of touch with dishwashing detergent, as in our home division of labor I happen to be the one who takes care of the dishes. But, Crunchy Conservatives as we are, we use all-natural Shaklee dish soap, and when my wife polishes furniture she uses a hypoallergenic home blend of oil, vinegar and water that she found in an Amish do-it-yourself book.

So it'll be interesting to see if anybody asks me if we really polish our church altars with dishwashing liquid.


Blogger BronxBarbie said...

Me again - look in a concordance/bible word dictionary under the word for Stake (some say cross)used in the Bible in the original Greek and see if he did die on one... no lemon pledge ;^)

5:52 PM  

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