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Friday, December 01, 2006

The Euphemist: Emerging World Leader!

At there's a fun, though perhaps only semi-reliable utility with which you can determine who among the world's celebrities resembles you the most. H/T to Lars on this one, and I'm sorry this turned out "better" for me than for you (then again, don't be too sure).

Are you ready? Click for results, including a rare glimpse of "Yours Truly"

IMHO the resemblance to Emperor Akihito & New Zealand PM Helen Clark isn't a bad match! Give either one of them a silvery beard and serious confusion could result. The others, well, they're a bit more remote.

But what I find fascinating is that my celebrity lookalikes include an emperor, a prime minister, and a vice president. Could there be world dominance awaiting me in my future career?


Blogger Michael said...

Update: one of my lookalikes is President of Lithuania! World, here I come ...

8:23 AM  

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