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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who are your greatest influences?

I thought I'd try my hand at starting a new meme, though this one's so obvious I'm sure it's been done before. It's "MY TOP TEN (OR SO) GREATEST INFLUENCES, OUTSIDE OF GOD AND MY FAMILY MEMBERS." Here's the list, not necessarily in exact order (as you can see, I'm allowing a bit of doubling up in case more then ten belong in the top ten).

1. Francis Schaeffer: Christian theologian, philosopher, apologist, evangelist, writer.
2. David Schonberg: personal friend, self-taught Christian thinker, organic farmer.
3. C.S. Lewis: Christian literary giant, apologist, writer on the history of ideas.
4. Suzanne Winters, and
5. Dr. Joan Garvin, cello instructors.
6. Drs. Olin Storvick & Stanley Iverson, Greek & Latin Professors.
7. Dr. Dale Sweeney, Latin professor who influenced me in a difficult, unique, but significant way.
8. Prs. Philip Haugen and Robert Lee, seminary instructors.
9. Morris Berman, semi-obscure & not entirely reliable writer on history of scientific thought, who nevertheless influenced me in a significant way.
10. Prs. Herbert Malm and John Kilde, pastors.

In future installments I'll write some posts on 1-3 of these people at a time to tell you how they've influenced me. Here are some "honorable mentions" - Dr. Ann Alton, cello instructor; Prs. Phil Rokke & Del Palmer, internship supervisors; Dr. Dan Hornstein, Peggy Atwood, Dean Dainsberg, Dr. J. Robert Hanson, orchestra directors.

I'll also "tag" Dave Holford & my sister to see if they'll divulge their major influences.


Anonymous Dave said...

I'm working on it. Almost done.

5:59 PM  

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